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Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division 2020 Rulemaking Session - Policy Advisor

NCIA Environmental White Paper - Water Chapter Chair

The Cannabis Conservancy Certification - Sustainability Advisor

Denver Cannabis Sustainability Work Group – BMP Lead Author, Policy Recommendations

Nuvolution Cannabis Work Group (Co-Environmental Chair)

Cannabis Doing Good Awards (Sustainability Judge)

Blooming Benchmark Design Team (Sustainability Advisor)

Speaking Engagements


NCIA Online

Creating a Circular Economy in the Cannabis Industry

NCIA Online

The Importance of Tracking Environmental Data


NCIA Boston (Speaker)

Environmental Sustainability in the Cannabis Industry


NCIA San Jose (Moderator)

Using Sustainability as a Form of Investment


Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (Moderator)

Carbon Farming: Advanced Farming Techniques for Capturing Carbon


Nuvolution Lunch and Learn (Speaker)

The Environmental Impacts of the Cannabis Industry


Western State University (Guest Lecturer)

Becoming a Sustainability Professional


Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (Moderator)

Carbon Credits: An Alternative Option


Cannabis Sustainability Symposium (Speaker/Panel Organizer)

The Air Quality Impacts of Cannabis